The Loop Current & Eddies Alliance is a not-for-profit organization created to address needs of the many groups and individuals whose work involves the Loop Current and its Eddies in the Gulf of Mexico or other strong ocean currents globally. Many offshore and maritime industry operators must address the Loop Current in their mitigation plans and make quick decisions when the currents affect their ability to perform safe and commercially viable operations. Many scientific researchers investigate the behavior and features of the Loop Current and Eddies with ocean observation systems and geophysical fluid dynamic models. And there are many engineers, fishers, oil workers, military personnel, and citizens of the Gulf Coast whose jobs and lives are affected by the Loop Current. Combined we all have a wealth of experience to share.

In autumn 2016 Industry, Academic, and Government professionals held the first Loop Current Eddy workshop hosted by SPE/IMarEST. During the focused conference, presenters and attendees shared their diverse knowledge on the many aspects of the Loop Current and its Eddies. From satellite-based observations to operational mitigation strategies, from engineering design solutions to governmental initiatives, attendees learned what actions their counterparts were taking, formed partnerships, and sought further collaborative actions.

In early 2017, Pak Leung, the workshop chairman, established the Loop Current & Eddies Alliance (LCEA) to address the needs identified during the SPE/IMarEST LCE Workshop. As such, the LCEA is established to share scientific and operational knowledge, foster innovative collaborations, and serve as a resource for those needing to learn about the Loop Current. The LCEA will host informational events, host panel discussions, provide technical information, and connect people in Industry, Academia, and Government. The LCEA invites you to join our community so that you can learn and share your knowledge and perspective on this environmental feature that affects our lives.

Mission Statement

The Loop Current & Eddies Alliance is an American focused, non-competitive, and non-commercial interest group that consists of members from academia, industry, government agencies, and general public . The group will act as a focal point on issues associated with strong currents and eddies in marine environments.

We strive to:
     -- address and seek solutions to operational/HSSE challenges and impacts due to strong currents;
     -- identify, establish, and share of best practices and guidelines; and
     -- seek research opportunities to improve forecast, observation, and mitigation.

There are no dues or other fees to join the Loop Current & Eddies Alliance. The only thing that we ask for is your time and commitment to providing a friendly and open dialogue on related subject matters.

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