Pak Leung - Chairman

Metocean Specialist, Ph.D, CSci. 
Shell Global Solutions (US), Inc.

Pak has over 15 years of experience in operational oceanography and ocean observation from various organizations.  Pak has a PhD in Physical Oceanography, a Master’s degree in Engineering (Fluid Mechanics), and two Bachelor’s degrees (Physics and Mechanical Engineering).  He is a Charted Scientist granted by the Science Council (UK).

Pak worked for the US Navy as an independent consultant under his own consulting firm shortly after receiving his Master’s degree.  During that time, he also provided technical and marketing support for Sea and Sun Technology’s marine instruments (including CTDs and microstructure profilers).  In 2009, he joined Fugro GEOS as Senior Oceanographer where he was exposed to different aspects of the oceanography business in the Oil & Gas industry, which includes data collection and analysis, offshore maintenance, mooring design, and commercial management.

Pak is now working for Shell Oil as a Metocean (Meteorology and Oceanography) Specialist providing technical support for engineering designs, metocean data collection, marine instrumentation, and operation support.  His roles and responsibilities also include financial planning, project scoping, and budget management for his projects.  He is a Technical Authority for Instrumentation and Operational Oceanography within Shell Oil.

Pak is also the chairperson for the SPE/IMarEST Loop Current Workshop.

Julie Dehne - Communications Manager

Director of Business Development
VIV Solutions

Julie graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2006.  She was recruited by Shell Global Solutions and joined the VIV suppression small business group in a project management capacity.  Julie oversaw many successful deliveries while also serving as the team’s primary focal point for quality and safety.  She also trained as a Subject Matter Expert on export controls.  She was promoted to the role of account executive in 2009 after demonstrating a passion for combining both customer satisfaction and engineering excellence.  During this time, she continued to develop her formal education in offshore structures.  Julie later served as a Deals Advisor for the Amerias region at Shell Global Solutions, supporting the development of multi-million dollar projects in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  

In 2010, Julie hired on with VIV Solutions as the company’s Business Development Manager and is now the Director of Business Development.  She is responsible for customer relations, tender requests, and sales & marketing activities.  She also leads the team’s quality management system and assists with technical peer reviews.  In her personal time, Julie enjoys attending classic car shows with her 1932 Plymouth Roadster and spending time with her husband and two young children.

Chris Ordonez - Treasurer

AUV Project Manager
DOF Subsea

Mr. Ordonez serves as the Hugin AUV Project Manager for DOF Subsea and where he also runs the Ocean Observation Systems program. He is an ocean engineer/scientist with 15 years of experience in project management/engineering, independent research, developing marine technologies, and offshore/field operations.  He earned Master of Science in Physical Oceanography from Oregon State University researching applications for Glider-AUV mounted ADCPs. His fields of work include AUV Hydrographic Surveying, Oceanographic Research, and Offshore Construction & Intervention.

Ruth Perry - Liason

Marine Science and Regulatory Policy Specialist
Shell Exploration & Production

Ruth Perry is a marine scientist specializing in physical and biological oceanography, ocean observing, and policy. Dr. Perry earned a PhD in Oceanography from Texas A&M University and has 10 years of Gulf of Mexico research experience. During her time at TAMU, she focused her research on quantifying the environmental processes affecting Texas marine mammal strandings and understanding physical processes driving Texas coastal hypoxia formation, particularly how to incorporate the use of real-time ocean observing systems, remote sensing, and GIS techniques to quantify the spatiotemporal trends of Gulf environmental hazards (e.g. hypoxia, harmful algal blooms). In 2013, she joined the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System and her responsibilities included incorporating GIS into ocean observing activities, including statistical mapping of environmental hazards, and on stakeholder engagement and outreach, including K-12 curriculum development.

In 2014, Dr. Perry joined Shell as a Marine Science and Regulatory Policy Specialist where she supports Shell Exploration and Production offshore teams in marine science and environmental issues. Her primary role is to integrate marine science and ocean technology into regulatory policy advocacy and decision-making and her specific focus areas include Gulf of Mexico, marine sound, marine spatial planning, ocean observing, and marine mammal and life science.

Neha Sharma - Secretariat

Vice President
Horizon Marine, Inc.

Neha Sharma is currently the Vice President of Operations at Horizon Marine, Inc. She has been with the company since 2007, serving as Physical Oceanographer and EddyWatch Analyst (2007-2010), Physical Oceanographer and Team Leader (2010), EddyWatch Operations Manager (2010-2012), EddyWatch Program Manager (2012-2015), and EddyWatch and SurveyWatch Program Manager (2015), with the primary responsibility of conducting research and compilation/analysis of oceanographic data for the purpose of providing real-time ocean current monitoring and forecasting for the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Trinidad, Brazil, India, East Africa, West Africa, Australia, and other regions impacted by strong ocean currents.

Ms. Sharma holds a B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology WEC, Pune University (2005) and an MS in Physical Oceanography and Remote Sensing from Louisiana State University (2007). Among her interests are public speaking, computer programming, marketing, and business strategy.

Aimee Thurlow - Vice-Chair

Gate Premier Solutions

Aimee is an ocean engineer specializing in operational oceanography and site characterization. She earned her MS in Ocean Engineering and BS in Marine Science with a Geology Minor from Texas A&M University.

Aimee began her career at INTECSEA as an Engineering Specialist in their Survey and Geohazards group. Then she became an independent consultant where she has worked for various oil companies. She designs and manages offshore survey programs to fit the technical requirements of various projects. During her career, she has worked with numerous teams, such as drilling, engineering, survey, construction/installation, operations, HSE and environmental, to identify and address their data needs and concerns. With her experience working in virgin territories throughout the world she has a unique perspective on challenging project execution. In addition, Aimee has a strong belief in the value of operational excellence and has worked to improve operational consistency and reliability.